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The Betty Harris Case

Betty Harris couldn’t find a lawyer to take her cases. She had an aging copyright infringement case against a major multinational entertainment corporation, and an unrelated family matter. She needed the copyright case to pay for the other issue. Most lawyers wouldn’t open a file without a retainer, and even so, many shied away from confronting this multinational. Ken Krayeske did. Within a year, we obtained a federal judgment ordering the corporation to pay her. Success for clients is about lawyers taking informed risks.

New Haven Democracy Fund


The New Haven Democracy Fund is Connecticut’s only municipal campaign finance program. Ken Krayeske has been the administrator of this unique program for more than a year. Running the day to day operations of a public campaign financing program during a mayoral election when four out of seven candidates participated demands an even-handed training and enforcement of rules. In this unprecedented election, operating in the penumbra of Citizens’ United, Ken is helping the Fund ask what it can learn to improve public campaign financing in the future.